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Monitoring a Kubernetes cluster is easy based on the YAML files that are in the InGRAINd repository.

You can use the following containers built from the InGRAINd releases for various platforms:

  • latest-gke: Google Container Optimized OS (COS)
  • latest-amzn2: Amazon Linux 2
  • latest-fedora31: Fedora 31
  • latest-elrepo8: CentOS8/Epel
  • latest-elrepo7: CentOS7/Epel
  • latest-ubuntu-18.04: Ubuntu 18.04

For deploying InGRAINd on Google Kubernetes Engine, use the latest-gke flavor, targeting Container Optimized OS (COS).

When using Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), use latest-amzn2, which also works on Amazon Linux VMs as a privileged Docker container.

InGRAINd requires access to system folders and eBPF-related system calls, therefore it needs to run as a privileged container.

To deploy InGRAINd on Kubernetes, adjust the foniod.yaml file with the correct flavor of the containers for your host operating system, and use the usual deployment ritual:

kubectl apply -f config.yaml
kubectl apply -f foniod.yaml

Refer to the pages on configuration and the example config.toml for fine-tuning config.yaml.

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